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  • When you sign up, you will provide the informations demanded on signup form. We take your email address for verification and it won’t be shared on any other platform.
  • The password you keep will be safe and unseen from anyone including us.
  • When you click on a link from our website and if it directs you to the other website then at that time you will be following that company privacy policies.
  • Childrens below or equal to age of 13 years are suggested not to provide their personal information.
  • You can delete your personal information from this website as per request at any time.
  • We will not be responsible for any kind of query if the product downloaded from our site is modified by third party or you after you downloaded.
  • We will not be responsibe if you provide your login id to any other person and he/she modifies that.
  • You can contact us anytime on Feel free to mail us or contact us via contact page.
  • These all policies are subjected to our products and the products which we will update or publish in future.
  • We can change or update our product and membership price anytime we want. So be sure about it
  • We can add or remove any policy we want at anytime.
  • Remember that we are not selling any products. We are just a club who distributes the products under GPL and we charges for our support and the updates which we provide to you.
  • We check all our themes and plugins and do not provide any malware product, so we are not responsible if your site is hacked,cracked,down,or anything related and we do not provide any kind of site maintanance service
  • We do not hold developer licence neither we provide any developer licence, we only distribute under GPL since WordPress itself on GPL 
  • You are allowed to download 49 products/day.
  • We are an addon domain of alinepacpanel. So we are registered under alinepa online site
  • If you violate any policy, we can delete your membership anytime we want.
  • By signing up, you accepts all our policies.