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Most frequent questions and answers

All the products are genuine, scanned and distributed under GPL.

The foundation called free software foundation permits to distribute the products verbatim copies under GPL. We do not modify any functionality of any product and we do not fix developers bugs. These are of low prices due to bulk selling and we charge for our support and regular updates efforts.

Yes, you can use all the products for unlimited domains.

No, we dot provide license but the products you get will be already activated under GPL.

Yes, it is 100% legal to use the products without license and activated under GPL. You get license from developers just for their support

You just have to download the zip file from our website and you can install by importing the zip file into your dashboard section. Also some zip files contains extra files like child themes and manual. So you can extract the zip and you will find installable file inside that.

Kindly ignore all the warnings. Developers keep sending warnings because they wanted you to buy license for automatic updates. But these warnings will not stop themes or plugins from working. You can hide those warnings by using plugins like Disable Admin Notice, Wp hide plugin updates and warnings..

All the softwares are open source and you can inspect the code by yourself. Also you can scan our products by the help of plugins like Wordfence, Sucuri security, Exploit Scanner,etc..

You can download as much product as you can but for the fair use of our policies, the limit is kept upto 60 downloads/day.

As soon as the new version is launched, we will update you on changelog page. You can download and install latest version from there.